South Africa's first responsible approach to pet waste collection and disposal. We are creating a circular economy and keeping single-use products out of our landfills.

Dog waste is not only toxic to people and the environment, but there are also often many single-use plastics involved in picking up after our beloved pets. We provide responsible South Africans with durable, re-usable products that make dog waste collection and disposal hygienic, easy and sustainable.

Managed Services

We offer professionally managed residential and commercial services. So whether you’re a homeowner, a residential estate, a doggy day-care or a dog-friendly public space – we have a managed service to suit.


Now it’s time to turn dog’s poop into something good. Once the waste is removed from homes, residential estates, dog centers, and public spaces it is turned into compost that can safely nourish the land. We aim to make a positive impact by creating a circular economy and keeping single-use products and organic waste out of our landfills.

Masks for Hope

Help us help the ladies of Themba Training, Rufaro and Nonkqubela, to continue sewing in order to support their families and community.

These Masks for Hope aim to create work and generate income, to help the most vulnerable during this time.

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