Controlled Composting

Turning your dog’s poop into something good.

How it works:

We work with mother nature in a natural process where we manage a controlled process of breaking down ‘organic material’ into a product known by all as compost.

  1. To build the compost pile The Big Scoop SA® will collect your dog’s poop from your home/commercial property. (Only Big Scoop Reusable Bin Bags™ with layered Big Scoop Absorption mix™ will be collected)
  2. There are various ways of composting, after months of research and careful consideration of many factors, including health risks, we have the perfect dog poop composting solution. We make use of in-vessel composters to ensure we reach the high temperatures needed to destroy harmful bacteria and pathogens
  3. The Big Scoop Compost Recipe™ combines nitrogen and carbon-rich materials in our in-vessel composters. Part of our Big Scoop Managed Service™ is to monitor and control mixing, aeration, moisture and heat
  4. Big Scoop Eco-Friendly Dog Waste Compost™ cooks for a period of 4-6 weeks after which it cures for a further 4 weeks
  5. One of The Big Scoop SA’s value propositions is to create a circular economy. By selling and donating Big Scoop Eco-Friendly Dog Waste Compost™ we stimulate job creation, improve socio-economic challenges and reduce the waste footprint of dog poop

We are hoping that with enough support we can save thousands of kilograms of dog waste and single-use plastic bags from ending up on our landfills.