We Love Local

We believe in the power of community. That is why every aspect of our business supports small businesses and local companies.

Packaging & Branding

From the stickers and labels we use, to the printing on our packaging, you can trust we are supporting small businesses and their families.

Our Compostable Bags

While there is a variety of imported plastic alternatives available in retail stores - we offer you the first compostable bag manufactured right here in SA - yes that includes the packaging too! In collaboration with Kompost-It, we are proud to support our own people with this process.

Our Reusable Material

Our material is locally sourced from a family businesses. It is then made into the bags and gloves you see by Themba Training, a skills development project of the Thembalistsha Foundation, that empowers communities through social entrepreneurship.

small business shoutout

Eddie's Batik

There are so many ingenious entrepreneurs in SA and we want to give them a platform to be seen. If you know of someone who needs a platform to be found – please reach out to us.

Love at First Bite

Louine says baking is ‘kind of like her superpower’ and we agree! She bakes delicious treats with love in Somerset West. Not to mention she makes the best dog treats that even our fussy pups eat – and they’re gluten and allergen free!

084 890 8927


Lindsay creates beautiful illustrations of beloved pets. View her work on instagram, or get in touch to commission an artwork. 

084 854 6828