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      Gift Card

      The perfect gift…card.

      Let that special someone choose the perfect product(s) to suit their pet waste needs.

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      PickUp Glove (Set of 2)

      Making sure you have the means to pick up your dog poop when your furry friend leaves you a surprise in public spaces. Once you get home, simply discard of your little surprises in your BigScoop bin. Easy to clean with your Big Scoop Disinfecting Spray. No mess, no touching, no fuss.

      Can also be used as a <a href="" ...

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      ScooperBag (Set of 2)

      Designed to eliminate the need for single-use plastics – our ScooperBag can be attached to an existing poop scoop and reused after cleaning.

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      Travel Pouch

      We all want to do our best and pick up after our dogs when we’re out and about – but that can be tricky with no bin insight to throw it away. Once you’ve picked up after your dog using a home-compostable bag (shop here), keep it safely in your Big Scoop Travel Pouch until you find a bin …

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      Home Compostable Poop Bags

      Proudly made in SA using Biodolomer®. A sustainable alternative to traditional plastic. 

      Wherever you are – the park, beach, trails, or even at home – picking up after your dog is easy and hygienic with our certified home compostable bags.

      Unlike many bags on the market, our bags:

      • Do not require an industrial facility to break down
      • Are made using a non-food …