Cleaning up our world one poop at a time.


We offer a range of reusable and compostable products that make pet waste collection and disposal hygienic, easy and sustainable.

Managed Services

Whether you're a homeowner, residential estate, doggy day-care or dog park, we have a professionally managed service solution.


Dog waste, when properly composted, becomes a nutrient rich soil additive. We turn your pet waste into something good.

How It Works?

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Step One

Purchase your Big Scoop Starter Set and begin disposing of your dog's waste in your designated bin. 

Step Two

Sign up for our collection service. We will collect your used bag once a month and replace it with a clean one.
OR once a week, dispose of with your garden waste.

Step Three

All the poop we've collected is then placed into our Big Scoop Compost Tumblers where it is turned into a nutrient rich compost. If you're someone who likes to do things their way, why not start home-composting? We'll show you how.

Residential Estates

The Big Scoop offers the first pet waste management solution in South Africa to pet-friendly residential estates. 

We keep your estate clean and your residents happy. Our solutions are uniquely tailored to your estates needs and requirements. Get in touch for a commitment free assessment. 

Our Best Sellers

These sustainable products are all-round superstars that have multiple uses.

Organic Absorption Mix

A wonder product used to control odour and moisture. Used to speed up the composting process in Big Scoop Bins - it can also be used in food waste and general waste bins to control odour.

Certified Home-Compostable Bags

Proudly made in SA using Biodolomer®. A sustainable alternative to traditional plastic.

Organic Disinfecting Spray

Made from all-natural ingredients, this product goes gentle on the earth. Use to deodorise and disinfect surfaces and Big Scoop products - or as hand sanitiser or room spray.

Natural Kitty Litter

An all natural kitty litter free from harmful chemicals. Made from sustainable ingredients - this litter is super absorbent, masks odour and feels natural to your kitty.

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Happy Scoopers

Don't just let us tell you how great we are. Hear it from our customers.
Christine van Tonder

Christine van Tonder

Homeowner - Cape Town

"The Starter Set is great - loving it! And so easy."

Chantelle Roux

Chantelle Roux

DIY Composter - Gauteng

"Thank you! Working fantastically! Love the YOLO bin!"

Rose Humphreys

Rose Humphreys

Puppy Day Care - Stellenbosch

"Roses's Puppy School is using the Big Scoop, it's a great product!"


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