Turning your dog's poop into something good.

We work with mother nature in a natural process where we manage a controlled process of breaking down ‘organic material’ into a product, known by all, as compost.

How it works...

There are various ways of composting – that is why we have engaged in research, careful considerations of health risks and tested trials – to arrive at a solution and recipe that suits the unique process of composting dog waste.

1. Build

To build our compost piles, we collect dog waste from residential and commercial properties. Due to the process we use – we only collect bin bags layered with Big Scoop Absorption Mix. Our Absorption Mix is designed to begin the composting process in your bin. 

We also recommend using our Certified Home-Compostable Bags, as these have been specially designed to break down rapidly in our tumblers.

2. The Right Method

After many trailing methods, we have the perfect dog poop composting solution. We make use of in-vessel composters to ensure we reach the high temperatures needed to destroy harmful bacteria and pathogens. 

Our specially formulated recipe combines nitrogen and carbon-rich materials in our in-vessel composters, where we monitor and control mixing, aeration, moisture and heat.

3. Nature At Work

The nearly-there-compost cooks and cures for a period of 6-8 weeks. Inside our tumblers, micro-organisms are hard at work breaking down the organic material – this causes the temperature inside the tumbler to increase. As the material continues to break down, the temperature gradually decreases as the micro-organisms complete the process of turning harmful dog waste, into nutrient-dense compost.

4. The Compost is Ready

By composting dog waste we are able to create a circular economy whereby no waste is produced. Everything you’ve used to collect your dog waste, including your packaging, has gone into our tumblers and come out as nutrient-dense compost, ready to nourish the land.

By selling and donating Big Scoop Eco-Friendly Dog Waste Compost™ we stimulate job creation, improve socio-economic challenges and reduce the waste footprint of dog poop.

This compost is not intended to be used on vegetable patches or food sources.

Benefits of In-Vessel Tumblers

Composting is a relatively simple process and so a composter should be simple in design. We have taken the following factors into consideration in choosing our composting method:

Why Compost?

Yearly we can divert...

Kilograms of dog waste from landfills per large dog.

Do It Yourself

We have partnered with Yolo Compost Tumblers to offer home-composting solutions to active and concerned citizens. Buy your own compost tumbler and let us show you how to start creating nutrient-rich compost.

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