Get Started with a Big Scoop Starter Set

Starter Set Features

The Big Scoop Starter Set makes pet waste hygienic, easy and sustainable.


After many prototypes, we have come up with a bin design that allows you to safely safely store your pet waste until collection day.


We have taken care in designing a product that will fit into your home beautifully.


Easy to use. No touching, no mess, no fuss. We handle the collection and cleaning so you don't have too.


Your purchase supports a greener future. Single-use products are not sustainable and it is time to reinvent the way we approach dog waste.

How it Works

The process is easier than you think!

You Scoop

Place your bin liner in your Big Scoop bin. Begin collecting your dogs waste, for every poop, cover with a large handful of Absorption Mix.

We Collect

Sign up for our collection service at R200 per collection. Our recommended collection is one bag per month. Upon collection we replace your used bag with a clean one.

We Compost

The collected poop is then placed in our compost tumblers and turned into nutrient-rich compost. Diverting it away from our overused landfills.

And Continue...

All you need to replace is your Absorption Mix. The initial order in your set lasts approximately one month, but will vary depending on size and amount of dogs.

A Size to Suit

Depending on the size and amount of dogs you own, you may be better off starting with a smaller or larger set. Both sizes include the same contents – the only difference is the size of your Absorption Mix. Choose between a 5L or 10L refillable container.

Based on two medium sized dogs – 5 litres lasts approximately one month and 10L can last up to three months.

"The Starter Set is really great. I thought it would fill up quicker, but in a month I only fill it halfway. Love that I'm making a difference at home."
Hilda Prinsloo
2 Large Dogs
"Works really well. The absorption mix is fantastic for keeping everything dry and there's no smell! Which was a pleasant surprise."
Marelize Britts
4 Medium Dogs
"Such a great sustainable alternative! I pick up my dog's poop with the compostable bag and it makes the process so much easier."
John Emmett
1 Large Dog

Our aim has always been to reduce the amount of single-use plastics heading to our landfills. If our collection and composting service is unavailable to you, we suggest disposing of the contents of your bin with your garden waste at least every second week. We recommend using a larger compostable bag, or emptying the contents straight into your garden waste bin. This is not ideal, but our Absorption Mix has already started the decomposition process in your bin and will allow for easier break down.

Alternatively, you can try DIY Home-Composting. Ask us how.  

The reason a bin will smell is because of excess moisture. The unique recipe of our Absorption Mix allows for super absorption of both moisture and odour. Another reason a bin will smell is a lack of aeration – our aeration vents allow for ventilation that keeps a closed bin from smelling. If your bin is releasing odour – begin using more Absorption Mix when disposing of dog waste.

Your bin should be stored in a well-ventilated area away from direct exposure to rain, sun and wind. 

Unfortunately not. In order to remove the pathogens in dog waste it requires composting at sustained high temperatures. If it is not composted properly, it will still contain harmful pathogens that seep into our soil, air and water sources.

Our ageing sewer systems are not designed for pet waste and with dog waste containing twice the bacteria of human waste, when a leak springs in municipal pipes – the leakage into our water systems can cause severe damage to the environment.

Do not dispose of cat waste in your Big Scoop bin. Cat waste is not safe for home-composting.

You can dispose of Rabbit, Hamster and Guinea Pig waste in your bin.

It is always advised to pick up after your pet in public spaces and not leave their waste to contaminate the environment. You can pick up after your pet using certified home-compostable bags (always ensure they are home-compostable and do not require an industrial system to break down). If you are in an area that does not provide dog waste stations – you could make use of our travel pouch to safely store it until you return home and can throw it away in your Big Scoop bin.

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