10L Big Scoop Starter Set


Make responsible pet ownership easy and efficient with your Big Scoop Starter Set.

Recommended for 3 medium dogs (5-20kgs) – large dogs (20+kgs).

Our new bin design offers a sealable clip to protect your contents, as well as a new aeration vent to avoid excess pressure build-up.

Our improved Absorption Mix recipe features a new ingredient that increases the absorption of excess moisture to avoid the build-up of odour.

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Set includes:

x1 25L BigScoop Designated Poop Bin (New Design Features)

x2 25L Reusable Bin Bags

x2 Poop PickUp Gloves

x1 10L Container with 10L Organic Absorption Mix (Improved Recipe)

x1 200ml Organic Disinfecting Spray