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      Gift Card

      The perfect gift…card.

      Let that special someone choose the perfect product(s) to suit their pet waste needs.

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      Kitty Starter Set

      Make responsible pet ownership easy and efficient with this starter set. It has all the products you need to ensure the health of your cats while safely disposing of your felines waste.

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      Organic Disinfecting Spray (200ml)

      Our 100% Organic Disinfecting Spray is refreshingly responsible. Using nature’s finest, you are able to eliminate bacteria and odour from your reusable Big Scoop products. Also suitable to use as hand sanitiser, fly repellant and mild surface cleaner.

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      Organic Kitty Litter (5L)

      Our organic Kitty Litter ensures both the health of our planet and your darling feline. Made from 100% natural ingredients it is non-toxic and chemical-free. Because your kitty deserves the best.

      Unlike traditional cat litter, our litter does not just mask smells but removes them due to its molecular structure that traps and holds odour and moisture.

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      Home Compostable Poop Bags

      Proudly made in SA using Biodolomer®. A sustainable alternative to traditional plastic. 

      Wherever you are – the park, beach, trails, or even at home – picking up after your dog is easy and hygienic with our certified home compostable bags.

      Unlike many bags on the market, our bags:

      • Do not require an industrial facility to break down
      • Are made using a non-food …