Kitty Starter Set


Make responsible pet ownership easy and efficient with this starter set. It has all the products you need to ensure the health of your cats while safely disposing of your felines waste.

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Set Includes:

1 x 200ml Organic Disinfecting Spray to keep litterbox smelling fresh | 1 x 5L Organic Kitty Litter in Reusable Container. Refills available here.

To start using: Line your kitty litter tray with a generous layer of Big Scoop Kitty Litter.

To maintain: Remove any wet spots or solid waste, and replenish with fresh Big Scoop Kitty Litter. Replace the entire litterbox every 2-3 weeks depending he amount of cats and frequency of litter box use. Use your Organic Disinfecting Spray around the litter box to keep it smelling fresh and clean.