Organic Absorption Mix 5L


Our improved Organic Absorption Mix is specifically designed to absorb odour and excess moisture in your designated Big Scoop bin. It is environmentally friendly, chemical-free and sustainable.

A 5L Absorption mix is recommended for small dogs – 2 medium dogs (5-20kgs). For each poop, you throw into your 25L Designated Bin, use a large handful of the absorption mix (3 poops = 3 handfuls). This is just an estimate. The poop in the bin should always be covered with a generous layer of mix. If there is excess odour and moisture, add more to balance it out. 5L can last you the month with this ratio.

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After receiving your initial 5L Absorption Mix in your Starter Set, this refill bag is a great way to replenish your reusable container and ensure single-use waste is kept to a minimum.

View ways to reuse your refill bag.