Organic Kitty Litter (5L)


Our organic Kitty Litter ensures both the health of our planet and your darling feline. Made from 100% natural ingredients it is non-toxic and chemical-free. Because your kitty deserves the best.

Unlike traditional cat litter, our litter does not just mask smells but removes them due to its molecular structure that traps and holds odour and moisture.

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Depending on the amount of cats and frequency of litter box use, a 5L container will last upwards of 1 month.

To start using: Line your kitty litter tray with a generous layer of Big Scoop Kitty Litter.

To maintain: Remove any wet spots or solid waste, and replenish with fresh Big Scoop Kitty Litter. Replace the entire litterbox every 2-3 weeks depending he amount of cats and frequency of litter box use. Use your Organic Disinfecting Spray around the litter box to keep it smelling fresh and clean.

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